Easy Ways To Land Great Jobs As A Freelance Copywriter

You might be a recent graduate looking for a career, and might have probably worked in other jobs that might have not given you enough satisfaction. Whatever your prevailing circumstances, becoming a freelance copywriter is a challenge, specifically in this contemporary world of challenging times of unstable employment and economy. If you succeed, copywriting can be an extremely rewarding work.

Start with the education levels you have

Though a bachelor’s degree is advantageous, it is not stringently relevant. Usually, relevant courses for copywriting include marketing and journalism. These will impart with important skills such as meeting deadlines and conducting research. If you hold an aptitude for writing and can prove your capability for copywriting¸ it won’t matter whether you’ve studied or not.

Writing Experience

Every copywriter starts somewhere, and some form of writing experience is needed in order to secure any type if copywriting role. The number one thing you should consider is to cover an area (or areas) that interest you, such as music or fashion. In case you have not succeeded to get anything published, it is advisable to try some speculative copywriting.


To get any copywriting work, you require a portfolio of your best writing. This should be copywriting experience specifically, and not a news piece which you once did for a local paper. You can learn to add to and adapt your portfolio while seeking to gain more experience, and whatever you include should be tailored to the kind of copywriting job you are applying for.

Web presence

An absolute necessity for any copywriter is to have your own website. This should be very professional, specific to your copywriting work, and should not in any way linked to your individual web presence in any way. Apart from that, you should have a completely separate social media for all your professional work networks. For instance, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles are always professionally useful and you can utilize any social media to link back to your website.

Getting work

The most obvious route to having a career in copywriting is to become a staff writer for a marketing agency or an advertising agency.

Going freelance

There are various reasons for going freelance as a copywriter, one of them being incapable of securing a full time position or that you prefer the flexibility and freedom of working on your terms. Successful freelance copywriters seek to build a base of customers through determination and hard work. So, start by looking for small businesses on the web and pricing your services competitively. You can find professional assistance here.