The Key To Getting Great Jobs In Freelance Fashion Writing

Freelance Fashion Writing: The New-Age Job

Do you love fashion? Do you have a flair for writing? But are you stuck with a full time occupation? Then you can very well take up freelance fashion writing. More and more fashion sites are dedicating themselves in educating shoppers aged between 18-30; about fashion. On the other hand, fashion magazines are now banking on freelance writers also.

Tips To Get Jobs in Freelance Fashion Writing:

  • Start Small
  • If you don’t have any substantial experience in your kitty, then it’s really tough to sink your teeth into legendary magazines like Vogue or InStyle. You need to take small and realistic steps along the way. You can look for regional magazines or the ones in your locality and send the editors your pieces of writing on fashion.

  • Build Your Blog
  • Fashion blogs are insanely popular these days and this can be the easiest way to get you writing noticed. Start building your own fashion blog from the scratch. You can cover celebrity fashion- wears or give the readers snippets of ‘in’ trends. Once you have opened your own blog, you should try to popularize it in various mediums. As the owner of a popular fashion blog, the opportunities to bag great part-time fashion writing jobs will increase more.

  • Start Video Blogging
  • You can do many things with your video blog. You can dish out hair-styling tips, quick beauty solutions or make-over ideas to the viewers. Once the number of ‘hits’ will increase in your videos, it will cement your credential as a fashion writer and you can well get the next plum offer.

  • Look Into Internet-Space
  • The digital space is full of job portals that offer opportunities to the part-time writers. If you love fashion, then you should always look for even slightest opportunities. Many fashion web-magazines exist and they look for talented writers. If you don’t bag an offer from a nationally celebrated fashion magazine, don’t get disheartened. These web-magazine experiences will help tremendously in future.

  • Expand Your Network
  • You should always keep adding sources into your network. It could be your friend who has just come out of a fashion designing school or that ad-executive friend of your father. Any person who has even a little bit of connection with media and fashion industry (as both of them are inter-connected), should be in your network. Also if a prominent fashion house asks you to do some writing job for them free-of-cost, don’t be averse to this idea. This will make for a strong portfolio.