How To Find The Most Profitable Freelance Medical Writing Jobs

Medical writing can be an extremely lucrative profession. Technical writing like science, medicine, pharmaceuticals and engineering are highly paid fields. If the writer has the experience necessary for this career field, they can earn a comparatively high income. They may write articles for medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies, medical publishing corporations and biotech businesses. To succeed in this industry, a medical writer must be able to meet deadlines, write well and possess a knowledge of the medical field.

Get an Education in the Field

Medical knowledge takes time and effort to learn. It is not a field that can be written about by doing a basic Internet search. Before entering this career field, writers should have at least an undergraduate degree. They may also want to get a master's degree or doctorate in the field. To be a good writer, they should consider enrolling in writing courses. Although they need to have medical knowledge to get projects, writers will also need to have a superior command of the English language.

Gain Experience

To get hired for the best paid projects, individuals must have experience in the field. This could be experience writing about the topic or actual experience working in the industry. Writers should consider the field that they want to work in. The main medical fields include biotechnology, medical education, pharmaceuticals, medical communications and medical devices. Individuals can try working as an assistant, doctor, lab technician or associate in any of these industries. Although it is possible to get a writing job without this experience, it is unlikely.


There are several organizations that cater to the medical industry and writing. By joining one of these organizations, writers can get leads on potential projects and meet prospective clients. At a workshop or a conference, they may be able to meed new people who have job leads. Writers should take time to develop relationship with fellow writers and professionals. Through a strong professional network, medical writers can reach out to other people in their career field.

Developing a career as a freelance writer takes time and effort. Over the course of the first year, the writer will need to find new clients. In general, most writers begin by working part-time. This allows them to gain a stable income base before they leave their day job. Once they have enough clients, the writer can quit their job and focus on medical writing completely.