How To Get Into Freelance Travel Writing Business: Helpful Strategies From An Expert

Getting a job as a freelance travel writer can be quite complicated for beginners. If you are trying your talent in freelance writing in general and have no experience, you may encounter quite a stressful situation in the process of searching for a good job. That’s why it makes sense to keep in mind several important guidelines regarding the job search.

  1. Determine the area of writing.
  2. Some people create interesting content about attractions in their own area, for tourists who arrive from other locations. It’s travel writing, too, because it can be useful for big resources that render information about interesting places to see. Other freelance writers travel around the world and write about what they see in other countries. Choose the option that suits you best.

  3. Do some homework.
  4. Determine the publications that, as you guess, can be interested in your content. Find out, which demands they have for articles about traveling. Make sure that they really need freelance writers and, if possible, find out, what kind of coverage they need: information about hotels in traveling destinations, cuisine, traditional festivals, beautiful architecture, music, etc.

  5. Prepare for reaching out.
  6. Create a portfolio of your articles that are dedicated to traveling experience or other matters connected to tourism. If you have time and inspiration, compose separate articles for each traveling publication that you want to reach. Send the articles out, together with a smart representation of yourself.

  7. Represent yourself.
  8. When writing about yourself, your talents, skills and services, don’t be too formal. Show the editors that you are human, that you can write in a vivid manner (however, avoid being too easy, you are not speaking to friend). Show them that you love traveling (if you have chosen the work of a traveling author), or that you possess enough interesting information of your native area (that can be interesting for foreign tourists).

  9. Have enough patience.
  10. Editors of traveling publications have a right to be busy. That’s why have patience and start reaching out for them only a couple of weeks after you have sent them samples of your work, no sooner.

  11. Give your work proper evaluation.
  12. If you are a beginner without either experience or reputation, you will not be hired if you set too high prices. Examine marketplaces of freelance writers and find out the most common prices. You should remember that you need a start, not huge wages right from the start.