Freelance Writing Tips For Young People: Essential Advice

If you will soon be leaving the education system, you'll doubtlessly be considering your career options. If your English and grammar is of an excellent standard and the flexibility of being a freelancer appeals to you, then becoming a freelance writer could be the perfect path for you!

How easy is it?

In this day and age, there have never been as many writing jobs available. Just think how many websites and blogs are out there- and all of them need text content!

There are always plenty of copywriting jobs available, and you can find advertisements on appropriate websites. The more specialized your writing can be, in terms of writing about law or academia, for instance, the easier it will be to not only find work but also get a higher starting wage.

Submitting articles.

Many aspiring writers will be put off by copywriting as it's a fast turnaround business where one writes to a set standard- hardly the creative wordsmith job you may have had in mind!

So if you're more interested in article writing, for newspapers, magazines and the like, then the process is fairly straight forward, although sometimes you need a bit of luck on your side!

Spend some time looking at the various companies who accept open submissions- you'll be able to find all their submission policies on their websites. Then it's a simple case of sending off your articles and crossing your fingers! Of course, you can help sway the luck factor by fitting your style to suit the magazine you're submitting to, by writing above and beyond an average article, and also by sheer determination! The more articles you send off, the more responses you'll get back!

Build your business!

Being a freelance writer really is about building your business over time. The more clients you have who are happy with your work, the more they'll want to come back to you. The more you become known, the more you will be recommended.

Promote yourself! Make sure that you advertise yourself and your business by getting yourself on the web. There are plenty of professional platforms where you can upload your profile, qualifications, experience and so on. Creating a website will also give you a more professional look and create more options for you; as will getting involved with social media- telling people about the service you offer key!

Get the dream job!

If you want to become a freelance writer in particular fields like music journalism, fashion, travel or politics, then the same rules apply. The more experience you get under your belt, the more you'll be able to apply for dream jobs!