How To Get Paid For Writing: Freelance Tips For Beginners

Do you like your nine to five job everyday? Obviously the income isn’t too bad, but don’t you think it starts to get a little repetitive and tedious? Have you ever thought about becoming a freelance writer and start making good money and at the same time, you can set your own schedule? Well here are some tips for you to help you get paid to write things that YOU like!

Begin by developing client relationship

As a beginner freelancer, you would be struggling a little bit to secure jobs at first and that is certainly normal. All you have to do is find ONE client who likes your work and what you must do is to ensure him or her is happy to work with you in the long term. First of all, that would make your profile look really attractive (remember, repeated customers mean that your work is really good!) and second, it would be a good source of income as well. There really is nothing bad about it!

Write quality contents

This really should go without saying, but your work should always be top-quality and you must be able to maintain that at all times. What you have to do is just ensure that you do all the relevant research and just double-check your work! You don’t want your work to contain any sort of grammatical mistakes! That would be really bad and obviously all clients hate to correct hundreds of mistakes!

Reasonable rates

Again, this should be the norm. You really have to set reasonable rates that your clients can work with. It would be crazy for you to charge $100 to write 100 words. That’s just unreasonable. As a beginner freelancer, you are looking to earn roughly $0.5-$1 per 100 words.

Develop your portfolio

This is perhaps the most important aspect. You must be able to develop your portfolio and make sure it’s polished. That’s the first thing that your client sees when they are planning to hire you. So put in all your good work and demonstrate to your clients that you are perfectly capable. Clients love confidence and good writers and you must be able to show that.

I hope that this guide has helped you in becoming a better freelancer and you should be making more and more money from now on! Probably even more than your job!