5 Vital Tips For Freelance Grant Writers

One of the more lucrative industries is in the field of freelance grant writing. Individuals who are talented at writing can begin a career in this industry. In general, they will work with government agencies and non-profit groups to locate potential grants. To succeed in this career, grant writers must be talented at researching grants, consulting with clients and writing out grant proposals.

  • Networking
  • Although some grant writing jobs are advertised online, some will only be discovered through word-of-mouth recommendations. Writers should be ready to network with anyone they meet. Everyone should be considered a potential source of a lead. With this in mind, individuals should carry around a business card that they can hand out to potential clients.

  • Become Educated
  • Grant writing requires more than just strong writing. Writers must know how to format, find and fill out grant applications. There are different courses and training programs that can help a writer to get started in this field. In addition, some organizations will require a writer to have an undergraduate degree or higher. To fulfill this requirement, writers will need to spend extra time in school.

  • Internships
  • No one starts out being perfect at grant writing. Instead of taking on a large project on the first day, writers should try to work up to the major clients. An internship is an excellent way to gain experience in the field. Writers can use this experience in their portfolio to land future contracts. Most jobs will require experience before they hire someone. Working for free in the beginning is an easy and cost-effective way to gain this experience.

  • Track Expenses
  • While writers are great at manipulating the written word, they are often terrible at business. To succeed in the freelance industry, a writer must be able to track their expenses and charge a fair rate. Writers must know what their expenses are before they can determine the rate that they need to charge a client. Without this information, a freelancer is merely guessing at what their pay rate should be.

  • Create a Websites
  • The Internet is an excellent way to reach out to potential clients. Creating a website allows the writer to showcase the best of their work. It helps them to hone their skills and show what they are capable of. Unlike a freelance site, a personal website allows writers to take on projects without having to pay a fee. They can directly network and recruit clients at a minimal cost.