Landing Profitable Freelance Writing Jobs Online: Practical Advice For Beginners


In these desperate economic times landing and securing a steady and a well-paid job is a very difficult task, to say the least. The uncertainty is very much there, and businesses are trying very hard to cut down their costs so that they could survive. In addition to that, the competition globally among companies is fierce, and these companies are always looking for methods to have a comparative advantage over their rivals. The most effective method to cut cost is to lay-off what the organization sees as useless employees. Now some of them maybe useless but most of them aren't, in fact, they are hard workers who want a steady income to support their family or maintain a good lifestyle. Thankfully, those who are dedicated enough and do have a flair for writing and reading good stuff can get a good writing job online by being a freelancer. Therefore, I will give you valuable advice and insight on how to get a well paid decent writing job.

Follow These Tips:

If you want to get a decent writing job being freelancer, then you should follow these tips religiously:

  1. Register yourself on the most popular freelancing platforms on the internet where freelancers and employees find work on regular basis. For starters register yourself at Freelancer and Up work.
  2. This step is important because now you need to create a very good profile of yourself, careful and professional selection of words is important as hirers look for people who can do their work in the most professional and efficient manner. If you don't know how to make a good profile, you should seek help from this company. It is always recommended to have a good profile picture and put a sample of your work so that the employer has a good idea of who you are.
  3. When you bid on a project, it is important that you understand the requirement of the project so that when you submit your proposal it doesn't have any flaws.
  4. For beginners, it is important that you don't charge a higher price, and I would recommend always to charge the lowest rate per hour.


These are just some of the tips that you should consider if you are a newbie to the world of freelancing and want to secure a profitable writing job. However, in the end, it is important that you are extremely good with your words as they will help you more than anything else.