Where To Look For Good Christian Freelance Writing Jobs

When starting out in the freelance industry, writers should always find a niche. It is much easier to reach out to clients in a specific niche area than try to work with any client that pays. For Christian freelancing jobs, writers can look online for information, write for magazines or work for a Christian website. To get started in the Christian freelance writing industry, new writers can use some of the following tips and ideas.

Query Christian Websites

One of the first things that a writer can do is try to work with a Christian website. In some cases, websites are openly hiring writers to work for them. Even if the website does not have a job listing, the writer should still e-mail them to see if they have work available. Many of these positions will pay a fixed rate per article, so writers can work at multiple websites to earn the income that they need.

Write for Magazines

There are a wide variety of Christian magazines that need writers. For this type of project, writers will generally send in a proposal letter with an article idea. In general, writers will have more success with querying smaller magazines and trade publications. Writers are naturally drawn to large, big-name magazines, so a smart freelancer will go after the smaller publications that receive less interest.

For magazines, writers need to stay positive and be persistent. Often, just one or two proposals will be accepted out of every ten that the writer sends out. Even after the writer submits the article, it can take months for the magazine to pay. The magazine may not publish the article for months, and payment will often take weeks or months after publication. If newbie writers depend solely on magazine writing income, they need to be good at saving their money because they can never know when their next paycheck will actually arrive.

Check Out Bidding Websites

Freelance bidding websites are actually intended for every type of writer and niche. Although there are non-Christian projects available, writers may still want to gain experience with some of these projects. In addition, the writer can search for projects that are specifically about a Christian topic. Like magazine proposals, these bids will only be accepted a small percentage of the time. Due to this, writers should apply for as many projects as possible and learn to budget their money wisely.