Sage Advice On How To Find Freelance Technical Writing Jobs

Searching for technical writing jobs can be far more challenging than looking for any other sort of writing jobs. Clients are usually far more finicky about who they hire, and you may not know where to start. Below are steps on how to find technical writing jobs and make yourself appealing enough to get hired.

  • Build a portfolio: Before you start looking for any jobs, you need first to give clients a reason to hire you. Even if you’re seeking first-time employment, you must have some sort of writings to show your clients what they’re going to deal with. If you do not have any samples, create some! Clients don’t like to bargain. They almost always view your work before anything else.
  • Freelance websites: Freelance websites can be a life saver for when it comes to finding any sort of writing jobs. Most websites even have technical writing in a completely separate category, and you would find plenty to browse from.
  • Start small: Once you make an account on the website you’re most comfortable working through, you should start applying for jobs right away, and that’s when you need to be smart. Always read the description of the job before applying. If all the tasks you come across say you must be experienced, no worries! You can apply for it anyway if you have a portfolio available for clients to see. However, you need to be sensible. You cannot bid yourself at 99$/hr. At the very start. In fact, you may even have to start a little lower than minimum wage and work your way up after successfully completing a few jobs.
  • Free samples: So they have a dozen other technical writers that have a decade of experience applying. Why should they choose you? Show that you are dedicated and interested in the job they offer. Job descriptions usually mention what you’re going to write about (specifically for free samples). When applying, do not hesitate to show a sample of your work on the subject at hand.
  • Do not get intimidated: You just made an account and uploaded your portfolio, and you feel sanguine as ever until you come across all the other technical writers that have far better portfolios than you plus a hundred positive reviews. But the thing is, freelancing is different when dealing with writers. A technical writer with years of experience might not be the kind they’re looking for. They’re not solely looking for experience, in fact, they sometimes completely overlook that if they find your work suits them better. Other companies deliberately choose entry level writers because they’re on a budget. You never know how you will get lucky.

This should make you more familiar with the freelancing world. Don’t waste any time and get started as soon as you can. If you’re still having difficulties finding freelance writing jobs, just follow this link.