In Search Of Good Freelance Jobs For Writers: 5 Helpful Tips

Getting started in any profession is never easy, but writing is an industry that is difficult to break into. In order to get jobs as a writer, the writer must be able to prove that they are capable of doing the work. Ironically, the only way to prove it is by actually getting the job. In order to get started in this industry, new freelance writers should use some of the following tips.

  1. Write for Free
  2. The first step is to look for internships, blogs or websites that need people to help with the writing. Many blogs and platforms actually allow people to post whatever they want. Although the pay is generally non-existent, this allows the writer to gain actual experience in the field. They can write about the topics that they want to specialize in and use the articles as an example for their later projects.

    In addition to writing blog articles, writers can always try doing an internship. Many non-profit organizations and small companies cannot afford to hire a full-time writer. Instead, they often resort to using unpaid or low paid interns. Although this is not a long-term solution to work, it is a great way to start out in the field.

  3. Make a Website
  4. If writing for someone else seems to be a waste of time, writers can build their own site. This will help to show clients what they are capable of. In addition, the website can also be set up so that the writer can receive revenue from advertisements.

  5. Be Selective
  6. Bidding sites are a common way to find potential clients, and there are certainly some good projects out there. Unfortunately, there are also low-paying projects and difficult clients to deal with. Instead of taking every job that is offered to them on one of these websites, writers should really be selective about the people that they work with. A bad client can mean not only non-payment, but it can also lead to bad reviews.

  7. Ask for Help
  8. Many established writers actually end up doing way more work than they actually have time for. They may want to ask other writers for help on particular projects or with certain clients. By asking experienced writers for help, newbies can find new clients and get some projects to start off their career.

  9. Keep Pitching
  10. For lucrative magazine articles, freelance writers have to continuously pitch new ideas. As a rule, writers should expect about 10 to 25 percent of their proposals to get a response. In essence, this makes magazine writing into a numbers game. It is up to the writer to send out enough high-quality proposals to get new magazine assignments.