A Guide To Freelance Writing- How To Create An Appealing Portfolio

One of the most effective ways to attract clients is to create an appealing portfolio. It is designed to present a sample of the many different types of papers that you can write. When you are a freelance writer, it is important to win every bid so that you can get the bid over the other freelancers.

A portfolio will present to your possible clients all of the various types of articles that you have either written for clients or written for your portfolio. You would want to present your best pieces of work because the clients will read through the different papers and use them to get an idea of how well you write. It is your ticket if you present an appealing portfolio. You may bid on many projects and out of all the ones you bid on, you only get one every once and a while to choose you. It becomes a full time job just trying to find work. However, submitting a portfolio along with your bid will show your potential client that you are serious about your work and persuade them to choose your bid over the others.

However, the only way this works is if you create an appealing portfolio to present. If the portfolio is not effectively created, you will turn potential clients away instead of getting them to accept your proposal. Here are some ways to ensure that you succeed.

  1. Make a list of the various types of papers that you can write.
  2. You have likely written many different styles of papers. Write down all the ones that you can write so that you can add that style to your portfolio. You want to appeal to the most clients, so add as many as you can write effectively. If you forget to add a style, you may not get any jobs that require that type of paper.

  3. Create some samples or get permission to use samples that you wrote for clients.
  4. Include samples that you write specifically or use ones that you have written for your clients if they say it is okay.

  5. Create a table of contents or a section that gives a list of abstracts.
  6. Set up an easy way for your clients to find the type of article they would want you to write by creating a table of contents.

You can create an appealing portfolio by showing a wide selection of papers and making it easy for your clients to find the ones that they would like to read to see if you are the right person for their job.