Where To Look For Freelance Magazine Writing Jobs

So, you have decided to try and break into the freelance magazine writing market. Congratulations on your determine and perseverance! Let's be honest here....breaking into a well-known market like magazine writing takes some time. They do not just randomly give an assignment to every person who asks. However, if this is your ultimate dream job, there are several places that you can try to break through the gates. Read on for more information...

The magazine's website

No matter which magazine is the one which gets your blood racing, they all have submission guidelines listed on their websites. Not every single one excepts unsolicited queries but many of them do. Make sure that you follow the guidelines they have listed to the letter! Many writers have had their queries turned down simply because they did not follow the rules. Case in point: I literally just this minute sent in a query to a dog magazine who was looking for a writer with the exact experience I have. Will I get the job? Probably not because it is $350 per 800 word article. But they will have my name, my CV, and contact information for the future.

Online job boards

When you answer an ad on a job board you never know who you may be working for. It is quite possible that the ad you answered for "Articles Needed" may very well be featured in the next issue of a magazine on the newsstand. There is nothing wrong with asking where your work will be published. After all, you need to see it to pat yourself on the back!

Online writer support groups and forums

It does not matter which group you join - there will be an up-to-date list of who is hiring where. The best part of looking in writer's forums and groups is that no one is shy when it comes to who you should stay away from. Other writers are also eager to mention the recent jobs that they have received, whether there were any hiccups in the contract, and whether or not the magazine paid on time and fulfilled all terms.

Send out tons of queries! Watermark your work and send it to the magazines you are interested in writing for. Never stop trying to get your dream job! If you do not have to write and can afford to wait, keep to your principles and refuse to back down! For every 99 "nos" that you receive, you will get one "yes" and that is where your focus needs to be!