A Freelance Writer's Guide: Looking For An Agency With Real Testimonials

There comes a time in every freelance writer's life that they may ask themselves, "should I be writing for an agency?" There's no easy answer for this question, as writing agencies have both their benefits and downsides. Benefits are, you can usually get as much work as you want and will be paid through the agency rather than the actual client. Downsides are, you get paid through the agency and not the actual client, which means you can't negotiate for a higher wage or even discuss the project with the person you are doing the work for. However, if you do decide to work for an agency, how do you know if its legit or not? Check out these tips to finding an agency with real testimonials.

Do Your Research

Don't take the agency's ratings or freelance testimonials on their website as the truth and nothing but the truth. Ratings and feedback from their clients and freelance writers may not necessarily be true. Do your own research into the agency before you sign any contracts to be sure they are legitimate.

Ask Around

The online freelance writing community is filled with people who are more than willing to share their experiences, good and bad. Visit specific places for freelance writers throughout the social media. Here you can ask questions with people who may have worked for a particular agency or may have at least heard of someone who has. Getting a number of opinions from different freelancers is a good way to gauge the validity of any agency or company.

Go to the "Higher Ups"

There are places you can go to check to see if an agency is a fly-by-night or the real-deal. Do an internet search for an independent site that can do a check on a particular agency. Searching through a government better business site in the area it is located is the best way to find out if the agency has had real complaints against them or is a good place to work.

Reading testimonials on any website is never going to be 100 percent fool-proof as to whether they are real or made up. The most you can do is take some time to research out the facts of the agency and finding real people who have dealt with them in the past.