Freelance Writing Rates: Help Me Sort The Things Out

Freelance writers are independent writers that do not work for a corporation. They work on a contract to contract basis. They bid on projects that they know they can accomplish. They bid the price that they are willing to accept for the project. The prices will vary from job to job and from freelancer to freelancer. The idea is to choose a writer that can accommodate your time schedule within your budget.

Different types of jobs cost different amounts. For example, an article would usually cost you more than a blog. If there is research involved, it would cost you more as well. When you are trying to choose a freelance writer for your project, you want to make sure that you are comparing apples to apples. Here are some ways to set it up so that you are comparing the bids correctly.

  1. Time
  2. You have to take the turn-around time into account when you are looking at bids. A freelance writer may charge more money for a faster turn-around time. A professional writing service would charge more for a paper with a shorter turn-around. The main reason is that they have to account for the fact that they may have to work twice as hard accommodating the shorter time period. If you don’t need it done in a shorter time span or that is not important to you and their rates are higher, then disregard the bid.

  3. Skill
  4. Every writer operates with different skill. Some writers are good at writing shorter papers and others are good with longer ones. Every writer has information about different topics. Really look into their expertise to see which freelance writer has the most information and experience writing about your topic. This will help you find the right writer for the right price. If they are more skilled in the area that you are asking them to write about, this is likely to affect their price. Some writers will charge more for the experience and others will charge less because they don’t have to do research.

  5. Word count and research
  6. How long the paper is and how much research is involved will affect the price as well. You can usually get a smaller paper with less research for fairly cheap. However, if you have a longer paper and one that requires extensive research, you have to expect that it is going to cost more.

When comparing bids, be sure to look and be aware of the reasons behind the pricing. Don’t choose the smallest bid and proceed. Communicate with the freelancers to explain any pricing amounts that you are unsure of.