How To Become A Well-Paid Freelance Fiction Writer

A person can make a living by coming a freelance writer. It will be easier if you freelance for a company or use a third party company as your platform for bidding on and getting assignments. You will need to build up a reputation and clients at first, but once you do, getting jobs will be easier. There are some rules for being a freelance writer that will help you to make money.

Rules and Tips for Being a Freelance Fiction Writer

  • Always meet your assignment deadlines
  • Know what the client needs from the beginning of the job
  • Tell you regular clients when you have time for extra work
  • Always have your clients escrow the money, so you are assured of getting paid for the completed job
  • Only bid on or take jobs that you are qualified to do and that you have time to complete
  • Make sure you are always professional
  • Make your bids realistic and fair to the client
  • Pitch interesting concepts and do your research when necessary
  • Write some fiction pieces that you can show to prospective clients as samples
  • Be willing to provide a small test if the client asks for it, but do not give away your work, this sample test should be small
  • Check the site for job postings every day
  • Always thank your clients and be courteous, you want them to be return customers
  • Proof read and edit your work before you submit it to the customer
  • Be willing to do edits if your client asks for reasonable edits
  • Be patient at first, you will need to build-up a list of clients, if you are lucky once you have that list, you will not have to search for work daily and the work will come to you instead

You can make a nice living working as a freelance writer. You will want to have a designated workspace, to have designated work hours, and to treat your writing like a business. Working out of the home is very nice, but you still have to follow business etiquette rules. If you cannot complete a job or need more time, always quickly ask the client if this is possible. With a little bit of time, a lot of effort, nice writing, and a professional attitude, you will be well on your way to being a successful freelance writer before you know it.