4 Places To Find Freelance Technical Writing Jobs Online

If you are an avid writer looking for a way to make a decent income online, you’ve come to the right place for information. The thing you need to watch out for are scams. These are companies who claim to hire writers and will pay you for the work you deliver, but they don’t have enough orders to keep you busy or they don’t pay you often enough or on time. You don’t want to get sucked into working for that type of company.

Fortunately, there are actually a variety of great places to find technical writing jobs on the internet. The following list of 4 ideas will give you a really good starting place for your search.

  1. Private companies. Many companies employ technical writers, especially if they are sending a newsletter out to their customers. They simply don’t have the time or the writing skills to do it themselves, so they hire someone like you. In order to find these companies, just start browsing online for businesses in your field of expertise. Now browse through the sites and see which ones offer a regular email newsletter and subscribe to it. Next, write a sample email newsletter and send it to the company, letting them know you are looking for work and would like to share your sample with them.
  2. Online content mills aren’t most writer’s dream jobs but they are a place to start. These are sites where you set up a profile and then browse through available posted jobs. The next step is to make up a proposal and start applying for the writing jobs. You are competing against many other writers, so keep that in mind. This may be a good place to start but you can move onto bigger and better things later.
  3. Article writing sites. These are websites that supply articles of all types, including technical articles in a variety of different fields. When someone needs articles or content for their websites, they go looking at article writing sites to find it. You are paid by the piece.
  4. Higher quality technical writing jobs can be found at sites that hire freelance writers. This is a step up from the article writing sites because as a freelance writer your credentials as a quality writer will be verified. Your feedback for the writing you’ve done will be visible to the public, which means your future clients can find you and hire you more easily. The agency you work for handles the payment processes.