Freelance Writers For Hire- 5 Ways To Get A Good Job

If you are a freelance writer, you know how important it is to get a good job. You want to get one that pays well and doesn’t take that long to complete. When you are looking for a good job, there are some things that you can do to make sure that you don’t end up doing a whole bunch of work for nothing. There are definitely a lot of jobs that you can get that are way underpaid. They may be worth it to some writers who need them to start building up their practice but when you are a seasoned freelancer, you can’t be writing papers for one buck every two hundred words. This will not get you anywhere.

Keep in mind that if you were selling a blog article directly to a company for their website, you could be compensated around twenty five dollars for that piece. Now you are likely dealing with a middle man that has a much bigger overhead than you do, so you need to take that into consideration as well. If you get around ten bucks an article, you are doing well. Here are some ways to find more jobs like this.

  1. Join a site
  2. If you haven’t already, join a freelance site. They will connect you with people from all over the world that are in need of your services. They also offer some other great advantages to help you build your business. They allow you to create a profile so that people can look for you and ask you directly how much you would charge to help them. They will track your business and keep your reviews. So if you do a good job, the clients on the site will be able to see that.

  3. Create a portfolio
  4. Create a collection of all of the types of papers that you can do to display and showcase your talent. It will put you ahead of most of your competition.

  5. Bid appropriately
  6. Do the research so that you know what you should be getting paid for the different jobs you are doing so that you aren’t underbidding and losing money or overbidding and losing jobs.

  7. Build a clientele
  8. Keep in contact regularly with the clients that you have worked for. You never know when they may need help again and if you are in contact with them, they will think of you first.

  9. Increase your skill levels
  10. This is your livelihood so do things to increase your skill level. Take courses or classes to become a better writer or learn how to write different types of papers.