How To Find Freelance Copywriting Jobs – Professional Advice

When you visit this company, you will be given professional advice on how to find freelance copywriting jobs. The website provides you with explanations of the diverse areas within the media industry open to creative writers.

Professional advice

The professional advice given is based on industry-specific experience. Within the freelance domain, guidance is categorized into in-house agency work and work done independently at home. Before dealing specifically with the task of finding freelance work, the definition of ‘copywriting’ is explained extensively, because the term is broad and applied differently by sectors within creative writing networks. As a rough guide on what you can expect from this service’s detail oriented recommendations, some examples and explanations are given below.

Industry examples

The list given by the agency is extensive and prospective freelancers can use it and link it directly to the current skills they have to help them find suitable placements. To show you what you can expect, a few brief examples are listed here;

  • Advertising – Writers are given different assignments on a particular client campaign in relation to their skill set.
  • Book publishing – Most assignments are related to composing book blurbs which mean that writers need to have extensive knowledge of the book publishing industry and have read at least part of the book manuscripts they are assigned.
  • News website – Copy-editing roles are assigned to more experienced writers who can also create effective headlines and subheadings.
  • Online – Creative writers are well suited to this role that mainly entails writing SEO-optimized creative copy.

Advice on how to apply for jobs

Once users of this service are entirely familiar with the different roles they can potentially fill, the company guides them further on the most effective methods on how to apply for freelance assignments. Further, helpful advice is focused on first-time freelancers and established freelancers who want to extend their service offerings to new areas of work not previously explored before. Where both new and experienced freelancers are concerned, an important note is made on job refinement and limiting service offerings to no more than four different skills or roles.

This company’s website is particularly useful for freelancers entering the creative media industry for the first time. This article has also given abbreviated highlights of what both new and established writers can expect when they use this company’s services.