How To Get A Freelance Writing Job Fast: A Step-By-Step Guide

When you are planning to work as a freelance writer, you should go through the various guides that states ways to

  • avoid scams
  • find your first client
  • Build an interesting portfolio.
  • Find the best markets
  • Makes you understand ways to deal with the first clients
  • Tell ways to market your services
  • Assists you in finding best employed marketing strategies
  • Negotiate for good rates
  • And avoid biggest mistakes that new freelance writer makes

Furthermore, following step by step guide will assist you to find a good freelancing job fast

  1. Do a web search: Internet is the biggest platform to find jobs like this. Employ keywords like freelance writing jobs, content article jobs from home, etc. Hundreds of results will further walk you to the next step.
  2. Make an attractive portfolio: This would assist client in taking a decision about you.
  3. Go through various articles: Understand their pattern of writing and based on that decide the niche you are comfortable in.
  4. Register with the website: At some places registration is free of cost while at other places, you might be asked to become a paid member. It will decide as in how many bids you can make in a month.
  5. File application: Whether you work as a free member or a golden member, start sending applications to the clients based on their requirements. You might be asked to write a sample to test your ability.
  6. Client satisfaction: If you meet the requirements of your client and they are happy with your samples, the terms and conditions will be decided as in how many words you can write in a day and what would be the mode of payment and its frequency.
  7. Negotiation: This is the time you can negotiate with your client. Your quality of the sample will decide your pay rates.
  8. Payment: Whatever the frequency of your payment is whether weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, the payments will be transferred to your bank account on a certain day or date of the month.

Furthermore there are certain things you should consider before trusting any client. Make sure the client has a good reputation and is prevailing in the industry from long. It will decide for the authenticity. Many scams are running on web and the freelancers’ could not make out if they are registering on a safe website or not. Many websites are just lost and do not have any existence and after accepting your registration money they are vanished in the air.