Freelance Writer Needed: 5 Good Options To Consider

There is no “best” way to hire a writer. The way to take depends on your budget, your quality requirements, and the job’s urgency.

  1. Post on a freelance job board.
  2. Popular boards are visited by hundreds of job-seeking writers every day. Posting there is one of the fastest ways to get a professional for your project. Whatever your job offer is, you are likely to receive dozens of bids within several hours. You will be able to view each member’s previous projects and ratings given by customers. The downside is that all your communication and payments to the writer have to be made through the website. Asking a freelancer for direct contacts is a severe violation, for which your account might be deleted.

  3. Post your offer in professional groups.
  4. Browse any social network for writer groups. You might even find a group of professionals specialized in writing about your industry. Post your job offer according to the group’s rules. Be patient; as groups are visited by fewer writers than freelance websites, it might take weeks to find a professional you need.

  5. Contact the bloggers whose style you like.
  6. Most bloggers accept freelance gigs from time to time, even if it is not stated on their profile. If you want an outstanding writing quality and are ready to pay a premium price, contact your favorite blogger directly. However, there is no guarantee that he or she would take interest in your order.

  7. Browse the catalogue of a freelancer association.
  8. Visit the website of a professional organization in writing industry, such as the Society of Professional Journalists or the Editorial Freelancers Association. The catalogues of their members are usually public and free to browse, with authors’ names, short bios, and emails available. The main drawback of this method is that there is no way to know the price beforehand – you will have to negotiate it with the writer whom you choose to contact.

  9. Offer an internship to students at a local honors college.
  10. This option is especially recommended if you are on a tight budget. Honors college students often have good writing skills, and they can agree to do the job for a very moderate pay, in hope of a full-time employment with you. Although college students lack the experience professional freelancers have, they will probably do their best to impress you so you might end up not only with excellent texts but also with a committed young writer at your service.