In Search Of Trusted Internet Freelance Writing Jobs

No-one wants to get ripped off or find themselves working for a pittance. The whole point of becoming a freelance writer is that it is meant to give you a good quality of life and the freedom to work around your other commitments. The last thing that you want is to find yourself working every hour God sends with little or no reward. So, just how do you find those trusted internet based jobs? Hopefully, I can shed some light on the matter for you.

Safety in numbers

Off the top of my head I can think of four, maybe five big online freelance providers. I have personally registered with most of them. They all operate in slightly different ways and most people generally find one or two that they are comfortable with and then set about building a career via them. The good thing about these companies is that you can request that your client funds an escrow account in advance of you starting work. You don’t get the money straight away. You only get it upon successful completion of the job. However, at least this way you are guaranteed to get paid and any disputes between you and the client can be resolved by the freelance company.

Try well-known recruitment agencies

Many large corporate firms hire their freelance staff via established recruitment agencies. It is win-win for everyone concerned. By registering with an established agency, you can be sure that they will meet expected criteria and that you won’t be left out of pocket. The only thing you may have to watch for is fees. Try and start with those that don’t charge anything initially.

Embrace social media

LinkedIn is a great place to network and meet potential clients. Most people that register with LinkedIn are professional, and you are far less likely to get ripped off or scammed. Try sticking to people within your own circle first before broadening your horizons. Facebook and Twitter can also be used. I would suggest that you simply pop up a status asking if anyone knows of any openings.

Use search engines to your advantage

Come up with a list of companies that you would like to work for and then google them! By thoroughly checking out their websites, you should get a feel for whether they are in the market to hire freelance staff or not.