How To Land Online Freelance Writing Jobs Without Difficulties

Freelancing is one of the most profitable ways to make some good money from the comfort of your own home. Freelance writing jobs are ideal for college students who have no time to waste in transportation. If you’re having some difficulty being hired as a freelance writer, we’re here to tell you how to land your first freelance job with no prior experience.

  • Portfolio: You made your profile, uploaded a very neat-looking photo, and applied for a dozen jobs, but no one seems to hire you because you have no experience, which is, of course, frustrating, because if one needs experience to get hired, how on earth do people begin working!? The answer is through their samples of writing. In the freelancing world, no client gives a damn about the experience as much as they do your style of writing. They need to know how you write and see if it’s suitable for them before they accept your proposal. Build a portfolio of variant well-written articles before you go around applying everywhere.
  • About ‘you’: Clients want to be reassured. Tell them you will refuse to get paid until they are completely satisfied with your work. Let them know you respond quickly and will answer their countless questions. They want to know that they will get a bang for their buck and that you won’t rip them off.
  • Get ‘verified’: Most websites offer to verify your identity, so as to let your client know you’re not a scamming profile. Let people know you’re real; all you have to do is send the website a photo of your ID and a bill with your profile name on it.
  • Don’t get intimidated: When you log in to your newly-made profile with the little to no experience that you have, you will find other users who seem to be a lot more accomplished than you are, applying to the same jobs that catch your eye. Do not avoid posting proposals just because you think those who applied have a better chance. We’ll tell you who has a better chance: the one with the most suitable portfolio, not the one with 70,000$ earnings.
  • Apply on different websites: If the website you made an account on isn’t working well for you, don’t hesitate to sign up on other reputable pages. This will give you a higher chance of landing at least a couple of jobs, which can then be added to your portfolio with active links.

It just takes a little time, but once you get your first job, you’ll find yourself swimming in job invitations in no time.