How To Find Rewarding Freelance Advertising Copywriter Jobs

If you think that you want to find a rewarding freelance advertising copywriter job, then there are six steps that you need to take to be successful.

Step 1 Finish School

While you may not need to be a doctor with an impressive dissertation to get an advertising copywriter job, you do need a basic education. Pay special attention to the comments your English teachers leave on your homework, because you will need great grammar. Additionally, take any art classes, and complete the homework, because many of the design principles will carry over to your copywriter job.

Step 2 Build Your Portfolio

The next step is to build your portfolio. You can view this as homework that you assign yourself. Research a company and create an ad that incorporates that brand’s image. Unlike freelance writers who spend hours researching, you only need some basic research to come up with a great idea.

Step 3 Network

Find out who in your community is hiring advertising copywriters and seek an introduction to these people. When you meet them, be ready to show that you already are ready to prepare a thesis for their company if asked.

Step 4 Look for Small Businesses

Cold call on several small businesses and see if they have a need for your services. They may be looking to create a new ad campaign that includes store signage, brochures, and maybe even direct mailings. While it will not be easy, you may find that it is still easier than writing an essay. Put your terms on paper before you begin the job.

Step 5 Consider Online

There are many ways to access online companies that are looking for advertising copywriters. Consider using freelance services to connect you with prospective employers. Be prepared to feel like you are writing an essay before you land one of these jobs, but they can be very profitable.

Step 6 Use an Advertising Agency

Many people have success by going with an ad agency. Do your homework and make sure that you have a strong resume on why these companies should hire you. Then, do your research on the company before ever contacting them.

Finding a rewarding freelance advertising copywriter job is possible. You will have the luxury and responsibility of being your own boss. You will reap the rewards of an enjoyable career interacting with others who value your skills.