Where To Look For Promising Freelance Writing Jobs: Working From Home

Freelancing is becoming an increasingly popular employment option for many people in these tough times because it allows flexibility, and hugely opens up the potential market of clients. Of course, a critical enabler for freelancing has been the increasing sophistication of the Internet, and its ability to connect people around the world. So the Internet is your gateway to the exciting world of freelance writing outside your home. But let’s face it: The Internet is a big place! So, where should you look for the best jobs? Read on for our top sources beyond simple web searches.

Professional communities

Professionals, passionate about their craft, collaborate and support each other more often than compete with each other. And that support extends to how to find good jobs and good clients given your particular niche and focus. The best communities are those that are vibrant, active, and constructive. Usually the sites that are well established, and have been around for a long time, will tick all of these boxes. To make the best of them, get involved and get active.

Professional clients

The reduced costs of the Internet have opened opportunities for clients as well as writers. The vast majority of clients, unfortunately, are not that sophisticated… They do not have the knowledge and experience to ask for exactly what they need. A sophisticated client who knows exactly what they want makes your life as a writer far, far easier. Therefore, look for clients that make their requirements very explicit and clear. Again, these are often established clients with a high volume of demand. Fortunately, they will tend to congregate on the better established and more reputable freelance exchanges.

Professional presentation

To seal the deal in a competitive market, it’s important to make every contact you have with potential clients professional, trust-inspiring, and honest. Pay a great deal of attention to your written, visual, and spoken communication. A commonly overlooked area that is catching many freelancers by surprise is this: Many clients still want video chat contact to get to know you, and gain confidence that they will get a great service. Be prepared for these by setting up an area to receive calls that appear professional. Check that the technology works, and that you know how to set up calls. Lastly, dress well… You don’t need to be formal, but you should be presentable, because ultimately you are working from home in a professional industry.